Mercedes Benz Metris M274 4cyl Engine Motor Mount

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2016 and Newer Mercedes Metris M274 4cyl Engine Motor Mount
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Which vehicles does this part work with?
It works with 2016 and/or newer Mercedes Metris vans.

Is this thing load tested?
Yes. It underwent a load test and the spring load set was set to the following parameters: 800N and 1,100N by the manufacturer. The engine mount you see in front of you performed well and within the specified tolerance range.

Were other models of mounts tested too?
Yes, unfortunately, they did not fare as well as this one. Four were tested altogether and three of them failed the test. They were 5 to 68% outside of the range you would want to see for tolerance. The mount we have in the store here tested 100% within the tolerance range according to the manufacturer.

If they were outside the range then what did that cause?
The engine was riding higher than normal. The elevation allowed the engine to tilt to a side. The drawback of this is that the tensile force increases on the drive shaft. An engine with this problem would have increased wear and tear if not significant damage if allowed to continue over time.

This is only a problem if I'm driving right?
Unfortunately, no. If you are idling at a stop then there is a certain amount of vibration coming from the engine. We also have to mention that there is a considerable amount of force generated from acceleration or deacceleration which can be a problem as well. If your motor mount is not strong then there is a lot of damage that can be done to your vehicle.

What is this motor mount supposed to do?
A motor mount, under extremely basic terms, is made to hold the engine in place. Obviously, if your engine was allowed to move around, there would be problems for your vehicle with the vibrations and shaking that are possible. The mounts absorb these vibrations and help make the engine be much quieter than it would have been without it. The mounts can be found in the engine bay of your Mercedes Metris.

How many of these engine mount things do I have?
Your Metrics or any vehicle, for that matter, usually have two or more engine mounts.

Sounds like these parts aren't a major deal. I feel like I could drive without this stuff.
We would not recommend it. If you are having serious motor mount problems then it needs to be repaired as acceleration or slowing down could cause a lot of problems since your engine will be moving around freely.

When do I have to start looking at getting these replaced?
Many mounts last 60,000 to 100,000 miles. However, your driving habits influence how long your mounts can last. If you drive aggressively then you are shortening the time span these will work for you. Traffic accidents can also shorten the time span that these are effective. A dry climate may also hurt the amount of time you can use this product. Also, if you store your vehicle outside then the time you can use this product can be adversely affected.

How am I supposed to replace this thing?
Honestly, replacing an engine mount requires special equipment. We would recommend that you get professional help to install this item if possible. We can tell you, generally, how a tech or mechanic will do the job. An engine support tool will be used across the top of the engine bay and it will be used to secure the engine in place. Anything in the way of the job will be removed. The motor mount will be inspected and if necessary it will be replaced. The motor mount is replaced and then the mount will be checked to make sure that it is properly aligned to the specifications. They will also tighten the mount as specified by the manufacturer. The parts that were removed to get to the motor mounts will have to be put back. The installation will then be tested to make sure that was correctly installed.

Couldn't I just use a jack or a jack stand to lift this thing while I work on the engine mount?
The weight of the engine will be too much for the top of a jack or a jack stand. The sheer weight will cause problems for your engine. You could cause damage to necessary components and you could put punctures in your oil pan. The engine needs to be supported on the top which usually means that you need an engine brace.

    • PART NUMBER DETAILS: Manufacturer Part Number: A9062411013 / A9062411513/ 9062411013/9062411513. Interchange Part Number: BG24023/OM 906/10 93 0631/ 30631/ 80004489. Other Part Number: 68006041AA/68006050AA.
    • INSTALLATION: Safety comes first! Installation process of this engine mount on your Mercedes Metris van is easy but, make sure you install it in a proper orientation.
    • Disconnect the negative terminal before starting any electrical installation.
    • NO Annoying Noises like Banking and Clunking: Our engine mount for the Mercedes Benz Metris is made of high-quality material which ensures no clunking and banging noises and doesn’t get wear out. It is made of rubber and steel which secures the engine and transmission.
    • DURABILITY: Providing best quality to the customers is our prime focus. The Mercedes Benz Metris engine mount is made of a robust and sturdy material for required durability and long-lasting use. It ensures best match to the engine’s durability target.