Mercedes Benz Metris Trailer Tow Hitch | Class Iii

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Mercedes Benz Metris Trailer Tow Hitch | Class III
This product is compatible with the 2016 to 2022 versions of the Mercedes Benz Metris Van.
Does this product include a wiring harness kit?
This trailer tow hitch does not include the wiring harness kit, please click here to buy the wiring harness kit associated with this product.
What color is this tow hitch? Do you have any other color options?
This trailer tow hitch comes with a Coat Base w/ a Black Powder Coat Finish. Unfortunately, it is the only color option we have available.
What are the weight capacities for this trailer tow hitch?
The weight capacities for this trailer tow hitch are as follows:

    • Weight Carrying: up to 750/5,000 lbs (TW/GTW)


    • Weight Distributing: up to 750/6000 lbs (TW/GTW)


    • NOTE: always consult your vehicle's owner manual for actual weight capacities.

TW? GTW? What do these acronyms mean?
TW stands for Tongue Weight. Tongue Weight is the downward force exerted on the hitch ball by the trailer coupler. In most cases, it is about 10-15 of GTW.
GTW stands for Gross Trailer Weight. The Gross Trailer Weight is the total weight of the trailer.
I'm still pretty confused... could you go into more detail on what the difference is between these two?
Weight distribution is a system that installs on the trailer frame and the trailer couples to a special shank on the trailer hitch. The spring bars that come with a weight distribution system take some of the weight of the trailer and distribute it equally among all the axles of the towing vehicle and trailer. As a result, some vehicles can tow more weight when using weight distribution and there will be less sag at the connection point of the vehicle and trailer.
Which hitch class is this trailer tow hitch?
The trailer tow hitch you are looking at is a class III trailer hitch.
Class III? I'm confused... could you tell me what the different trailer hitch classes mean?
Yes. The different classes vary based on the total weight the trailer can carry. Feel free to click this link to see the specific differences between each trailer class.
Is this a rear or front trailer hitch?
The trailer hitch you are looking at is a REAR trailer hitch. It attaches to your rear bumper.
Is the mounting hardware included with this trailer hitch?
Yes, the mounting hardware is indeed included with this trailer hitch.
What is the part number associated with this Draw-Tite trailer hitch?
Draw-Tite part number: 76015
Do you have the CURT part number for this hitch?
Yes, the identical CURT hitch number is #13276.