Mercedes Sprinter Lloyd Rubbertite Front Mat | 1 Piece 2019

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Rubbertite Front Floor Mat | 1 Piece

This product only fits the 2019 Sprinter Vans.
This piece is only for the front of your van, covering the driver and passenger side.
NOTE: Due to statewide closures in California, please expect at least a 30 day wait if you order these mats.


What colors do you have available?
This one-piece floor mat comes in either grey or black.
Does this one-piece floor mat cover my entire van?
No, it does not. This piece is only for the front of your van, covering the driver and passenger side.

What the heck are those little holes in the mat? What do they do, why do I want them, and why are they there other than to creep me out?
The manufacturer calls these "wells". The wells pool together dirt, mud, water, and etc. They make the mat extremely easy to clean as the dirt will go, mostly, in those wells making it easy to spray out and clean later.

My allergies could kill me... Could you tell me what this is made of?
A heavy-duty composite rubber. It should be non-reactive as it relates to you and your allergies unless you are allergic to rubber.

My allergies also make mold an issue. Regular carpet mats need to be cleaned up pretty quick because of my problems. Ideally, I'd like something very easy to clean. Are these mats easy to clean?
Yes. The little wells catch debris, dirt, water, and the alike which means that you just have to spray out the mats and dry them most of the time.

Is the fact that these are made of rubber also helpful? I read that rubber mats are better at resisting mold because they cannot soak up liquids.
You are correct. The rubber material cannot suck up liquids as easily as other types of mats. Most mats, especially stock versions, are usually made up of fabric which can absorb smells and liquids.

I hate dragging in dirt into my house. I bought a welcome mat so I could wipe off my feet before coming in and I want to do the same with these mats. I'm worried that they aren't textured enough, what do you think?
The wells located on the mat should provide an abrasive enough material to get the dirt, grime, snow, and other elements off your shoes.

I hate mats that move around and do not sit quite right in my vehicle. Is there something I can do to get a nice tight fit that will stay in place?
The manufacturer says that there are anchors included with the mats that should help to keep the product in place. A major plus because the mats will not be able to interfere with your ability to accelerate or brake.

I've been known to go to some pretty cold places. I want a front mat that will stand up in the colder weather. Is that this mat or should I look elsewhere?
The manufacturer says that this mat functions well even when subjected to sub-zero weather. We have not tried this but the manufacturer assures us this is the case.