Mercedes Sprinter Van Limited Edition 58 Inch Folding Bench Seat

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RB Components Dedicated to bringing you the finest quality products and services, with innovative designs and increased functionality to maximize your trailer, shop and With RB Components you can count on revolutionary designs engineered by a devoted research and development staff, who bring your unique outfitting needs to reality. Your #1 source for trailer, shop & garage accessories!

RB Components builds custom Sprinter 144", 170", 170"EXT Adventure vans as well as manufactures accessories and components, all which are all proudly made in the U.S. and one of the special products is Mercedes Sprinter Van Limited Edition 58 Inch Folding Bench Seat

2019 + Sprinter Van Headlin

This Product is Discontinued, BUT WE HAVE 3 Final makes of these being made for the last time right now.

This price does not include shipping. If you are local/pick up then please know that there is still a shipping charge to us. It is not included in the price of the product.
Mercedes Sprinter Van Limited Edition 58 Inch Storage Box Folding Bench Seat

Do you know what the dimensions of this product are?
The official dimensions are 58 x 26 x 6. The dimensions work like this: W x H X D or Width x Height x Depth.

Wait, isn't there a little trick to those dimensions?
The 58" inches refers to the amount of seat surface you receive. The true width is 59-1/2" which includes hardware. Your mounting hole center will be around 3/4" wider than your seated surface. You need to make sure that you have room for the nearly 60" of width that this product will encompass.

Isn't there a smaller size of this thing?
There used to be a 34" product but it is no longer available. We are only able to get the 58" version now.

It looks great but I am not great at assembling things. Is it hard to assemble?
Actually, this unit ships fully assembled. All you have to do is mount it to your van.

I can use this while I'm in motion? That would be awesome.
It would be awesome, however, it is not intended for use while you are in motion. The manufacturer says that this is only for use when you are not in motion. They say it is a "camp lounge seat only."

Well, if I can't use it while I'm driving then how much room is it going to take up then? The full 58 to 59 inches?
The seat actually folds up. It becomes 13-3/4" when it is folded up. It only protrudes 6" from your van's wall. The height is 40" from the seat cushion to the floor.

The materials almost look like carbon fiber. What are they?
They are high-grade vinyl. They were designed to look like carbon fiber.

I've got a question about this product as it relates to how it stays in position when it is up. Does it take straps, does it stand on its own, and does it come with those straps?
The product needs straps to stay folded away. The product does not have the straps in the kit, however.

What else should I know when I order this?
We were told that the backrest cushion in the photos is not included in the package.

What is the wall to end of seat measurement when the product is folded down?
It is 29" according to the manufacturer.

The cover looks extra cushy. Was something done to it?
They included an extra foam layer to the cover.

Do they all come with that silver stitching look?
Yes. They all have silver stitching.

Is that frame powder coated?
Yes. It is a black steel frame that is powder coated.