2010-2014 Mercedes Sprinter Van DEF Tank Heater Repair / Replacement Kit




Please Note:
This repair kit will fit the regular 2500, 3500 Sprinter van, with the DEF tank mounted on the frame under the cargo area. If the tank in your vehicle is mounted in the engine compartment (MB option KP2) then please choose the repair kit for vans with the KP2 option by selecting it from the options above.

DEF Tank Heater Kit for Mercedes-Benz Sprinter

This product is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty. View XeMODeX’s warranty policy and how to submit a claim here: https://xemodex.com/us/warranty-return-policy/

  • Since you did not purchase this product from XeMODeX themselves, just put “Sprinter Store” in the part of the warranty form that asks for the invoice number

Is this meant to be a replacement for my SCR DEF tank?

Yes. The product you are looking at here is a replacement heater kit for an SCR DEF tank.

What comes with this DEF tank kit?

A heating element, level sensor, and temperature sensor.

I’ve heard that I need to use something from my old heater to use with this kit?

Yes. You have to use the heater assembly from your older heater and use it with this kit. You will usually find the item with the plastic heating pot.

Wait, that sounds difficult. Is it?

A special tool is included so that you can remove the retaining star washers and the six-inch plastic nut from the tank.

Am I going to need anything not included in the kit?

Yes. You will need a screwdriver which you will not find in the kit.

Does this come with a warranty?

Yes. The manufacturer says that this has a lifetime limited warranty. Please be advised that this is a manufacturer supplied warranty and it will not be serviced by us directly.

What Sprinter models will this kit fit? 

The repair kit will work with 2500 or 2500 Sprinter vans. Keep in mind that the DEF tank should be mounted on the frame underneath the cargo area. If you have the other kind of tank then choose the repair kit for that type of van. It is the KP2 option.

What am I getting in this kit?

You get the following items when you order this product:

Delivery Pump Oil Rings X 2

Tank Vent

Stainless Steel Star Washers X 2

Special Tool

4mm Hex Key

Can you be more specific with which Sprinters I can use this thing on?

Yes. If you have a 2010-2014 Sprinter van that is a 2500 or a 3500 that also has a DEF tank mounted on its frame then this product is for you.


How to install a XeMODeX DEF Tank Repair Kit

Additional information

DEF Tank Location

Up Top Under the Hood – KP2, Down Below on Frame Rail – Regular


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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 8 × 8 in