Ford Transit Van Hinged Side Door Security System Slick Lock Turn Key Kit



Ford Transit Van Hinged Door Security System Slick Lock Turn Key Kit

This kit includes the following parts:

  • Puck Locks(2) Keyed AlikePuck Locks(2) Keyed Alike
  • Blade Bracket(3) Blade Brackets
  • Spinners (2) Spinners
  • Weather Covers (2) Weather Covers


Installation Instructions for Ford Full Size Transit hinged door

Step 1- Remove left side door striker plate using a T40 star socket. Place left side bracket PN# FD-T1- SIDE-LEFT over striker plate holes firmly hold bracket against the door jam. Reinstall the striker plate over the bracket and tighten T40 Star bolts.

Step 2– Install right side door bracket by removing two T27 star bolts holding the door latch in place (leave the third screw in place to retain latch position) Install bracket PN# FD-T1- SIDE-RIGHT using the two allen screws provided. Leave the screws loose enough to adjust the right bracket to match the left bracket.

Step 3– Once the alignment of brackets is good. Tighten the allen screws. Slowly close the left and the right doors to check for proper alignment. 

Step 4 – Install spinner on lock and install the lock on the bracket.

Installation Instructions for Ford Full Size Transit Hinged Doors

STEP 1 Rear Doors

Remove two-star bolts securing the left rear door striker plate. Hold left rear bracket PN # FD-T1-REARLEFT over mounting holes and mark weather stripping top and bottom bracket points. Carefully cut away weather stripping retaining casing between the top and bottom marks. Use a sharp razor knife to completely cut out metal spring material along retaining casing seam. Do not cut away weather strip door gasket it will remain in place. Install Slick Lock (FD-T1-LEFT REAR) bracket over striker plate and reinstall with flange bolts provided. Make sure weather stripping is secured and tight on the door edge.

STEP 2 Rear Doors

Remove two-star bolts on the right rear door lock latch mechanism, leave the third bolt in to hold the latch in place. Place Slick Locks bracket PN# FD-T1-REAR-RIGHT over mounting holes and install using two bolts provided. Only hand-tighten this side.

CAUTION – Slowly close left then right door making sure weather stripping clears left bracket. Once doors are closed, align lock holes with RD Pin – (dowel pin, drill bit, etc.) When you are satisfied with the alignment, slowly open the right side door and torque down both bolts. Shut rear door firmly. If the lock is difficult to slide on and off or difficult to close –Realign right side until the desired fit is achieved – brackets can also be modified with round file or drilling center hole to accommodate various lock brands. Be careful to not damage your vehicles painted finish.


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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