Terrawagen Mercedes Benz Sprinter Grab Handle Kit – TWS24


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Terrawagen Sprinter Grab Handle Kit

What does this include inside the kit?

The kit has two handles. They are for the driver and passenger doors.

Basically, we are talking about four?

Yes. It does seem to be the case for this product.

grab handle terrawagen 2

What do I need to install this kit?

Nothing out of the ordinary for what it is and how it should work. If you have general tools and a drill then you should be good to go. The kit comes with a specific drill bit that is 9mm so that you do not have to go out and buy one. Everything you need should be in the kit except for the general tools which should already be in your possession like screwdrivers, a hammer, some kind of drill, and etc.

grab handle terrawagen 2

Where does this thing attach?

The information we have says it attaches to the doors in a way that will not affect your ability to see our your windows.

Is it going to look out of place in my vehicle?

The answer is that they have done their best to match the style of your interior and if you have not made any drastic changes then you should have no problem with the handles at all.


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