Ram Promaster Cab Insulation Set – Front Van Windshield and Doors

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RAM ProMaster Cab Insulation Set – Front Van Windshield and Doors
This product is compatible with all RAM ProMaster vans.

What pieces are included in this kit?
This kit has 3 pieces you can use right away. The pieces of the kit are the windshield insulation, drivers front window insulation, and passenger front window insulation.

I need to know that this will fit my Sprinter. Which makers of the Sprinter van does this insulation fit?
It will actually fit all years of the RAM ProMaster van.

How do I store these after I'm done using them?
The product will roll up and can be strapped so that they do not open up on you while you are traveling.

How do I put them in so that I do not get them stuck in the window and I can take them out when I want to do so?
The insulation is attached to your window through the use of velcro tabs. You should be able to remove and place them as you need easily.

So, say, if the sun is shining and I'm lounging in my van, then I can put these up quickly?
Correct, in fact, they reflect the sunlight which means that your van will be much cooler and you will be able to control the climate in your vehicle much easier.

Is this going to fit my ProMaster so that people can't look into my van? I mean, is it made so that it fills all the little holes? I'm concerned about people being able to look inside my van?
The insulation kit was made to fit your ProMaster specifically which means that the fit is about as good as you can get. As long as you place it carefully then you should receive maximum security from the insulation.

How good is this insulation?
It is rated at R16 which means that it will give you pretty good protection from heat and cold.

Could you explain why that rating is good?
Home insulation you find in walls is between R11 and R28. If you keep that in mind when thinking about the rating of these insulation kits then you will notice that they are pretty highly rated for being able to fold up and store away without being permanently placed in your windows.

CAB INSULATION FOR 2006 AND OLDER (2002-2006) 6006B,CAB INSULATION FOR 2007 AND NEWER (2007-2017) 6007N