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Ram Promaster Surco Rear Door Ladders

$349.95 - $396.95
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About Surco Products SUP:
Surco Products Inc. is one of the premier automotive accessory manufacturers in the United States. Having been involved in the industry for over 30 years, Surco has established high quality in all its products, and the trust of all of its customers. The idea began with a father and son's determination to bring new and innovative options to auto enthusiasts. Now co-founders Ludwig and Uri Surkin continue their thoughts from over 30 years ago by constantly creating and designing new products for various sections of the automotive industry.

Since 1971 Surco Products has been manufacturing completely in the United States. Due to our in-house operation we are able to carry a diversified line of automobile accessories. We control the entire manufacturing process enabling us to make sure that the quality level is always high and up to Surco's standards. one of the special products is Ram Promaster Surco Rear Door Ladders

RAM ProMaster Surco Rear Door Ladders | High Roof or Low Roof

This Rear Door Surco Ladder is compatible with all RAM Promaster vans. Choose your van from the drop-down menu and we will send you the correct ladder.
Don't know what size roof your ProMaster Van has? Email your VIN to and we can assist you.

What is this ladder made out of?
This rear door ladder is made up of stainless steel material.

The fact that this ladder is stainless steel means that it is rust-resistant?
Yes. It is made to withstand all sorts of weather and environments. If you want a ladder that will not rust or corrode then you should consider this ladder for your Dodge Promaster van.

How is this ladder polished? Is there anything special about that?
Yes. It makes use of an electro-polish to reduce the appearance of seams. It also makes the product smoother.

How many steps does this ladder have?
It has four steps.

How does this fit on to my ProMaster van?
The ladder hooks over your rear door with tabs, the installation is very simple.

Are the steps slippery?
They have made an effort to deal with the possibility that you could slip by putting a non-slip surface on the steps.

Am I going to have to put this ladder together when I receive it?
No. It will arrive at your location fully assembled for you.