Rear Anti-sway Bar Kit For Dodge Promaster

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ROADMASTER is the 21st century version of an Horatio Alger success story. Jerry A. Edwards founded ROADMASTER in 1970 with not much more than a “can-do” attitude, and a philosophy of personal and corporate self-sufficiency. “Self-sufficient” is ROADMASTER’s core value. ROADMASTER doesn’t outsource.

Our products are designed, engineered and manufactured at our plant in Vancouver, Wash. with virtually every process done under the same roof. The reason for ‘hands-on’ manufacturing is simple: quality. “Quality starts on the inside, and when you control the process, you control the quality,” as Edwards is fond of saying. To our way of thinking, “quality first” is the reason more ROADMASTER towing products are on the road today than any other brand — by nearly a two-to-one margin.

And one the best products with high quality in ROADMASTER is Rear Anti-sway Bar Kit For Dodge Promaster

Minimize sway and driver fatigue by improving the stability and driveability of your Ram ProMaster. The bar on this sturdy, effective anti-sway system mounts to the rear axle and to the frame to balance weight transfer and reduce body roll.

    • Anti-Sway Bar


    • Rear


    • Roadmaster


    • 1-1/8 Inch Diameter


    • Steel w Polyurethane Bushing


    • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Controlling sway helps stabilize a vehicle's side-to-side motion and gives maneuverability when cornering. If you are only installing one bar, it is recommended to start with a rear anti-sway bar.