Sprinter Carhartt Grey Seatsavers Seat Covers

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Carhartt Grey Seatsavers for Sprinters

What do I get when I buy these Carhartt Sprinter Van Seat Covers
You receive, 2 bucket seat covers, armrest and headrest covers as well. No Middle Seat Cover, just the driver and passenger seat covers.
I read somewhere that these are "duck weave" car covers. Is that true? Are they made of duck?
No. They are not actually made of duck. They are actually made of a woven cotton. The material is usually called canvas by people outside of the industry.

I might like to have a good time once in a while and get a little bit too crazy. Is there a way to get these clean after spills or getting food on them?
The Carhartt seat covers are machine washable according to Carhartt. You can get a little bit crazier than you would normally if you had other seat covers.

Ok, so I can wash them but do they help me by resisting liquid?
"Rain Defender" is a name they use to describe their water repellent. A name like that should mean that spills, rain, and other liquids you might encounter will have a hard time soaking into the product.

I've got a Sprinter and I might use this in here but if I change my mind can I give this as a gift to someone else if I want? Like... If they own a ProMaster?
They should fit a ProMaster or a Transit just fine. You should not have a problem if you choose to go another way and need to give this to someone with a ProMaster or Transit.
I like all my stuff to be authentic. How do I prove it is to my friends?
Carhartt has taken the time to sew their iconic name into the upper middle of the seat cover. It is plainly visible as soon as someone tries to get into your vehicle. It will be figuratively right in their face as they get into your vehicle.

What is this seat cover made of again?
The official name of the product is duck weave fabric. It is not actually made of duck, however, it is a type of canvas.

I'm no genius at working with upholstery. Is this easy to work with or am I going to have a tough time installing this on my vehicle?
There is no sewing skill needed. The ends have elastic and you should be able to slip them right over the seats and have them fit fairly snugly.

My kids are actually dogs. They like to chew things. How do these stand up to dogs and chewing?
Carhartt made sure that the seams are triple stitched and are overlapped. You will have a hard time to find seat covers that are more durable or better made for being treated tough by animals or people.

Ok, I know you say this is durable. I know me, though, I will find a way to damage it. Is there some other type of concession they made for a person like me?
You do get a two-year warranty from Carhartt after you purchase the item.
Do I get something for my headrests too?

But the headrests are covered?
You get vinyl adjustable headrests inside the box.

Are armrests covered too?
Unfortunately, this item does not come with armrest covers.

I've had to fumble around with other seat covers and how they work with seatbelts. Honestly, it is not my favorite thing to do. Am I going to have a hard time working these seat covers?
No. Carhartt says that they have made these seat covers so that your seat belts very usable.