Sprinter Van Conversion Automatic Opening And Closing Axial Door Kit

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Sprinter Van Conversion Automatic Opening and Closing Axial Door Kit

Am I going to be missing pieces that I will have to buy in order to get this kit properly installed on my vehicle?
No. You will have everything you need, except for tools, in the kit for the installation of this product.

What is the system voltage of this kit?
We were told that this is 12VDC.

What is the nominal current of this product?
The nominal current is listed as 5A.

What is the operating temperature range I should be looking for if I want to keep this thing in good repair?
The unit should operate between -30 °C to + 80 °C.

Is an incline a problem for this kit? Will it open?
You can open this door with the system at inclines of up to ±20°C (36%).

Did they test how many times this can open or close a door before it starts having serious problems?
The manufacturer says that they had success testing this door's opening and closing capabilities up to 550,000 cycles. It was an open and close cycle if you were curious.

What about the part this thing is driven on... I mean, it rains where I am located. Is that going to be a problem?
We were told this is operated by a rustproof chain which means you are getting a fair resistance to rain. We cannot tell you that is waterproof and we would be remiss in saying it is totally water resistant. However, there is some water resistance based on the fact we told you in the previous sentence.

How is the door controlled?
The door is controlled by an electronically controlled microprocessor.

Do I get a remote with this system?
You can get an optional remote control for this door if you so wish to do so.

If it is electric then is it ok to operate this manually if I feel like it or if I want to for some reason?
Yes. The door can be opened through the electronic means or the by manual physical means if you wish.

I see that this door thing opens it all the way. Honestly, I don't really want or particularly need that at all. I only want it to open to a certain amount. Could I adjust it to open partially without damaging the system?
Yes. You can get this door to be set to open to partially open if that is what you want.

Does it have an emergency handle on the inside and outside?
Yes. It has both. However, the external handle is mentioned for Sprinters vans capable of transporting over nine passengers.