Sprinter Van Leaf Spring Assist Installation Instructions

Note: Unless you have the proper equipment and experience, you should perform the spring as-

sist installation one side at a time. You must use the factory lift points located in front of the for-
ward spring shackle to raise the vehicle frame or you could buckle the frame.
3. Install the spring assist assembly with the open clip toward the front of the vehicle. Align the locat-
ing pin of the assist spring (located on the bottom of the spring assist assembly) so that it fits into
the locating hole in the lower factory axle spring seat.
4. Lower the vehicle frame enough to align the locating pin of the factory spring assembly (located on
the bottom of the factory spring assembly) into the locating hole of the assist spring assembly
(located in the top of the spring assist assembly). Lower the vehicle frame so the full weight of the
vehicle is on the spring assembly.
5. Install the longer factory U-bolts supplied with the kit and reuse your U-bolt nuts. Tighten securely
to 125 ft. lbs. Clean all dirt and debris from the U-bolt nuts then lubricate before installing.
6. If equipped, adjust the Automatic Load-dependent Brake (ALB) lever. Some 04 and 05 models did
not have the ALB system. The ALB lever is located on the left side of the axle housing near the
shock absorber. Refer to the diagram on the reverse side of this sheet. Loosen the lock nut on
the ALB controller rod. Turn the adjustment nut 3 full turns clockwise and tighten the lock nut
against the adjustment nut.
7. Re-torque U-bolts to 125 ft. lbs. after 100-200 miles of driving.