Sprinter Van Sliding Door Magnet Bug Screens NO RETURNS

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Slider Bug Screens
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Sprinter Van Sliding Door Magnet Bug Screens
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans made between 2007-2021. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.
Proudly Made in the U.S.A.

  • This magnetic closure insect screen is designed to fit all Sprinter vans, whether you have a cargo van, passenger van, crew van, or converted class B RV. The magnet attachment seals at the right side of the door facing the van. This allows for easy and natural entry into and out of your van without the need to bend or kneel. You grab the door seal and pull it open, you then close it back to the magnet strip. It's easy, fun, and we have had ours out multiple times this season. Now available in both the 3.0 model which we use on our van or the deluxe 4.0 model. See bullet points below for more on the two models. Once installed the Sprinter's sliding door can be opened and closed without any removal of the screen. You have no exterior magnets to fuss with and when the sliding door is closed the magnets won't stick to the door. There is no drilling required for the installation. Feel free to call if you have more questions, or if you wish to place the order over the phone. We have two different types of material available. The standard screen mesh is a house grade material and works great to keep mosquitoes and most smaller bugs out while allowing for maximum airflow and light. If the tiny biting midges or no-see-ums are a problem in your area we also offer a true no see um Sprinter screens too. The no see um material is a bit tougher too.

Insect Screen for Slider Door on Sprinter Vans.
Magnet Options:

  • 3.0: The top hanger uses a Velcro under the gasket system and support the weight of the screen, this allows the use of adhesive Velcro to be used on the B and C-pillars. The Hanger allows the use of a zipper or Velcro to open the screen which now has a magnet strip encapsulated in the front edge of the screen flap and tucks in behind the B-pillar and seals to a magnet strip you Velcro in place behind the B-pillar. On the bottom of the screen we have the Velcro adjustable sweep and the whole perimeter of the frame of the screen has Velcro loop sewn in place for holding the screen to the C-pillar.

  • 4.0: This screen was designed for those who want the feel of a real screen door on their RV. Except it is flexible and no parts to wear out. This screen attaches on top with a double sides Hook tape support hanger, has close to 100 rare earth magnets providing the strongest magnet to magnet seal. The top has a 30"" wide door opening and and full height of the B-pillar has a magnet to magnet seal with and extra layer of hook tape wrapped around the front of the screen giving it a stiff yet flexible magnetic door closure. The front frame is a sold piece of 6"" wide loop tape that Velcro's in place and holds the magnets on the van side. This allows you to tune the screen to fit your opening, the most critical area on this screens install is the bottom front corner, where the door stop sits when the door is in the closed position. It is crucial to take time to allow the appropriate amount of room around the door stop and prevent damage from happening to your screen.

07 + Sprinter Van Fabric - Low Roof Passenger Side Sliding Door Bug Net also available

You will have easy access in and out of your van with this Sprinter slider door insect screen. This heavy-duty and user-friendly screen kit keeps the bugs out. The sliding door screen zips up from the bottom right and across the top for entry. Once zipped across the top you can roll it out of the way to the left for loading or off-season use. The sliding door will open and close normally with the screen fully installed. The screen can be removed for off-season storage easily.

  • Hand made in the USA with top quality materials

  • One year warranty against manufacturers defects

  • The bottom sweep has an adjustable velcro panel for a perfect fit

  • Removes quickly for seasonal storage

  • All warranties are manufacturers warranties