Sprinter Van T1n Coolant Thermostat

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Sprinter Van T1N Engine Coolant Thermostat | 6462001215
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans (2500 and 3500) made before 2006.

When does this thermostat open?
The thermostat opens when your vehicle reaches 92 degrees celsius.

What happens after that?
The thermostat will circulate the coolant between the engine block and the radiator. The coolant will reduce the temperatures of those two components.

Wait, what happens if my thermostat fails while it is closed?
If it is unable to open then you will find that your engine has an overheating problem. Keep in mind, this will happen if it fails while it is in a closed position.

What about the reverse? What happens if this thermostat fails and it was open at the time of failure?
You will have a hard time getting your vehicle to the optimal operating temperature.

So, it is possible for my thermostat to fail in either position then?
Yes. If it does then you will find that one of the above situations will happen to you.

Will this throw a check engine light at me if I'm having a problem?
Yes. You will see a check engine light illuminate except in cases where your light is already broken.

Is there a way to figure out if this is really caused by the thermostat?
One of the most popular ways is to check the ECU fault codes.

What code would I get if this is really the culprit of my problem?
It will usually be P0128.

What does that code mean?
It means that the coolant temperature is below thermostat regulating temperature.

OEM: 6462001215
Begel Germany Number: BG20060