Sprinter Van Windowz 4 Piece Rear Insulation Set

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Sprinter Van Windowz 4 Piece Rear Insulation Set
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. This includes both the 2500 and 3500 versions as well as the Sprinter 4x4.
Please note that this item only ships free to the Contiguous United States. It does not include Canada, Hawaii, Alaska, or the other USA territories.

I have a lot of condensation build-up in my windows. I want to get rid of it. Will this help it? I'm pretty sure that it has to do with the difference between the climate in my van and the outside world.
The manufacturer says that the insulation will drastically reduce the amount of condensation around your window if you choose to use this insulation set for your windows.

Does it reflect the sunlight? It looks like it would but I don't want to assume anything.
Yes. The insulation is made to reflect the sunlight which means that your van stays cooler in the summer than if you did not have this insulation set.

Which specific Sprinters does it fit? I mean, Sprinters from which company?
All of them. These window insulation kits will fit all of the companies who make or have made Sprinters in the past. You can use these insulation kits in Freightliner, Dodge, or Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans.

Are these specially made for the Sprinter but just happen to sort of fit?
No, they were custom made to fit Sprinter vans. It means that you get the best possible fit available.

So, this should cover my windows pretty well? I'm not going to have to worry about people being able to look inside my van to see what they could possibly take from me?
Correct. If you do a good job of installing these in your windows then they should cover up the window pretty well and divert attention elsewhere. Especially if the sun is shining as it will reflect the sunlight into their eyes as well.

What if I'm not using these? Am I just supposed to leave them up in my windows? It sounds dangerous.
The product is made to be rolled up. You will not have a problem with storing them while you are driving.

How do they fit into my window then? What holds them in place?
The insulation kits are held in place by velcro tabs.

What pieces do I actually get in this package?
You get insulation for your two rear windows and two side windows.