Superwinch EXPl 8s | S102738

SW | Winch EXPI 8s S102738
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Superwinch EXPl 8s | S102738

What kind of rope does the S102738 use?

It uses synthetic rope which is 100'.

What is the Fairlead/Hawse of this thing?

It is actually a custom FatLip Hawse.

How long is the remote to the winch?

It is a 15' long remote.

Can you opt for a wireless solution?

Yes. You can. It does not come standard but you can get it if you wish to add it to your winches features.

What can you tell me about the gear train?

It is a three-stage planetary setup.

How is the motor wound?

It is a series wound motor.

Can you tell me about the gear ratio?

The gear ratio is 154:29:1.

I work in dark conditions. Can I use task lighting?

The unit actually has task lighting around all sockets and plugs.

What about the battery leads, how do those work? What are they?

They are 72' (1.83m) x 2 gauge.

How many fused power ports do I get? Are they 60 amp?

You get two ports and they are located on the rear and on the right of the winch. They are 60 amp.

What are the electrical controls like?

They are expedition-grade controls. They are also potted solenoid/contactor controls.

I forgot to ask about the clutch. Does it auto engage? I've heard rumors that it does.

Actually, it does auto-engage. Superwinch actually has a patent pending method they call, "Auto-Engage Twist".

What is the part number of this winch again?

The winch has a part number of S102738.

What is the model of this winch again?

The winch you are looking at is an S102738 EXPi 8s.

What is the rated line pull of the S102738 EXPi 8s?

Superwinch says that this winch has a rated pull line of 12,000 lbs or 3630 kgs. Of course, this will vary will load but that is what Superwinch says about the winch.

Does it have Picatinny rails?

Yes. It does. You will be able to mount your accessories without problems.

What is the finish of this thing?

Superwinch says that the finish is an exclusive chromate bath powder coating.

This might be a nerdy thing to ask but I have to ask. What is the mounting pattern?

The mounting pattern is 10" x 4.5".

What about the drum diameter and length? Can you tell me about that?

It is 63.4mm (tube)(Flange 6.25") 218.5mm flange to flange.

What is that in English?

2.496"(tube)(flange 6.25") 8.602" flange to flange.