Trigger 4 Channel RF Remote Flat Mount

Advanced Accessory Concepts
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About Advanced Accessory Concepts:
While you love modding your Jeep or truck, what you may not love so much is the hassle of getting everything connected while still keeping your vehicle safe. The last thing you need is a safety hazard such as wires bristling everywhere when you're rocking and reeling over rough terrain, when the slightest snag could pull your accessories free and even kill your ride, or possibly cause danger from loose electrical components. With that in mind, Advanced Accessory Concepts has been making components to simplify your electrical connections, and effectively maintain vehicle safety.

Trigger 4 Channel RF Remote Flat Mount
Where would I use something like this?
You can mount it anywhere with a flat spot. While you can use the remote base that came with your Trigger, you’re thinking it would be nice to mount that remote a little more flush and clean. This here mount is the answer.
Will I have to cut into my car for this?
Yes, you will need to have some cutting tools/skills as you'll need to cut a fairly precise rectangular hole to accommodate this mount.
If I were to cut the hole myself I'd need dimensions... could you help me with that?
4,125″ x 1.5625″ is the hole dimension, the mount can accommodate a 3/32″ wall thickness.
What is the Trigger Accessory Control System? Can you tell me more about it?
Click here to learn more about the Trigger Accessory Control System.
Is there any vehicle fitment restrictions I should be aware of?
Nope, this will fit any vehicle that has a Trigger Accessory Control System.