Alcoa All Four Wheel Kit For A 3500 Sprinter Van - 16"x5.5"

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About Alcoa:
We invented the forged aluminum wheel in 1948, and we continue to advance technology to deliver breakthrough solutions that make trucks, trailers and buses lighter, more fuel efficient and sharper-looking – leading the way to a greener, brighter future for the commercial transportation industry. Our forged aluminum wheels are a leading choice for commercial trucks and mass transportation vehicles because they reduce weight, save fuel, and improve image.

Four Wheel Kit for a 3500 Sprinter- 16 x 5.5

What is the difference between this set of wheels and the other ones?
If you are talking about these wheels then we can definitely tell you the difference. The other wheels include a special treatment that will keep them shiny for much longer than this style. You do not even have to polish them.

What vehicles do these wheels fit on? I don't want to make a mistake and spend on the wrong wheels.
You can see a list of the vehicles these wheels will fit right below here:


    • Mercedes-Benz 3500 Cab Chassis and Sprinter Van


    • Freightliner 3500 Cab Chassis and Cargo Vans


    • Dodge 3500 Sprinter Van



I've thought about getting some type of rim protection. However, I'd like my wheel to be able to resist it as well. Is there anything that says that this wheel can resist damage?
The wheels are made of aluminum which the manufacturer says makes them resistant to some damage you might normally get while driving around.


Tell the truth... Is this really made for the Sprinter or is it something that I'm going to make fit a certain way?
You should not have any problem with the product because it was created with the Sprinter 3500 in mind. It is not designed to go on any other vehicle, although it may, however, you will not be the one making concessions to make it fit if you own a Sprinter 3500.

My friend says this is a J-type wheel. What does that mean?
Your friend is trying to tell you that the rim flange is J-shaped. Rim flanges that are j-shaped are the most common for passenger vehicles. It also means that is not unusual to find these j-shaped rim flanges because J shapes are the most common type of any vehicle that is meant to carry passengers.

I've heard this is an aluminum wheel. Does that make the load rating of this wheel much smaller?
Fortunately, no. You still get the load rating of 2337 that the other wheels of this type hold. In fact, you get it without much less weight.

I drive through, what you could call, some extreme places like deserts sometimes. Heat is a thing where I go at times. I've heard that aluminum is good with heat and that these wheels are good against heat too. Will this wheel help me out?
Yes. The hand holds the manufacturer designed for the wheel help to make the wheel able to resist and expel heat much better than regular wheels. The manufacturer also says that the aluminum dissipates heat very well.

Why do I care about heat and my rims?
Braking can cause a lot of heat due to the friction involved. Expelling that heat is very helpful in extending the longevity of any automobile parts.

I'm planning to sell this thing and upgrade some day. These things look really nice. I'd imagine they'd help me sell later if I want. Correct?
The wheels that you are currently viewing should help with your resale value or your trade-in value. It is very hard to resist a nice set of wheels on almost any vehicle that is decently maintained.

Isn't aluminum much lighter than steel? Does that mean that this stuff is going to be less much less weight than the other types?
Yes. Your wheels should have a significantly less footprint as it relates to overall weight. A concern you might have if you are towing or trying to stay under a certain weight limit.

What did you say this wheels are made of again?
Aluminum is what these rims or wheels happen to be.

How much lighter are these, in pounds, from normal wheels of the same type anyway?
The official measurement is around 12 lbs.

Do these include the Durabright treatment?
Unfortunately, no. but you can buy with the Durabright treatment