Aluminum Angled Shelving Unit (3 & 4 Levels)

$559.00 - $719.00
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Our versatile shelving system is designed to accommodate a wide range of full-size vehicles, making it the ideal storage solution for professionals on the go. Whether you drive a Ford Econoline, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, Dodge Ram, Freightlinger/Dodge/Mercedes Sprinter Low Top, Dodge Promaster Low Top, Nissan NV Cargo Van Low Top, or any vehicle with a 48" clearance, our shelving system is tailored to fit seamlessly into your workspace. Crafted from durable aluminum and featuring plywood shelves with a specialized rubber layer, our shelves effectively reduce vibrations, ensuring your tools and equipment remain secure and organized during transit. With specific compatibility for models like the ProMaster Cargo Van 118 WB Low Roof, ProMaster Cargo Van 136 WB Low Roof, ProMaster Cargo Van 159 WB, and Sprinter 2007+ Low Roof 144 WB, you can trust our shelving system to optimize your vehicle's interior space and enhance your workflow.

Key Features:

  1. Versatile Fit: Our shelving system is designed to fit a variety of full-size vehicles, including Ford Econolines, Chevy Express, GMC Savana, and more.
  2. Vibration Reduction: Crafted from aluminum with plywood shelves and a rubber layer, our system minimizes vibrations, ensuring the safety and organization of your tools and equipment.
  3. Model-Specific Compatibility: We offer tailored solutions for specific vehicle models such as the ProMaster Cargo Van and Sprinter Low Roof, allowing you to maximize your workspace efficiently.