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AM Auto OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for Low Roof Ford Transit Vans - Passenger's Rear Quarter 148"

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AM Auto's Premium Solar Privacy Glass Window for Ford Transit (Low Roof): The Ultimate Fusion of Privacy and Precision for the Modern Van Lifer

Elevate your van living experience with AM Auto's meticulously engineered privacy glass window. As the van life culture surges, maintaining a delicate balance between privacy and clarity becomes vital. With this in mind, our window isn't merely a pane—it's a testament to advanced engineering and superior materials.

Bask in the outdoors with a pristine view, confident in the fact that only an insignificant 17% of UV rays seep through. This pivotal UV filtration not only shields you from the sun’s harmful rays but also ensures an undistorted, crystal-clear external view. Whether you're nestled in a vibrant cityscape or surrounded by serene nature, this window guarantees your sanctuary remains undisturbed.

Pivotal Features of AM Auto's Elite Glass Window:

  • Designed for Ford Transit: Tailor-made for Low Roof Ford Transit van models, this window promises an impeccable fit for the Passenger Side Rear Quarter (148).

  • Superior UV Defense: A potent UV filtration rating of 17% means you’re safeguarded from harmful UV exposure, while still maintaining a vibrant external view.

  • Unyielding Durability: Crafted with the finest materials available, the window is primed to withstand diverse weather conditions, affirming its longevity.

  • Sleek Solar Privacy Tint: This tint not only provides an aesthetic edge but also reinforces your vehicular privacy.

  • Exact Dimensions & UV Grade: Sized precisely at 671mm (26.42")W x 511mm (20.12")H, it integrates seamlessly, underlined by its robust 17% UV protection rating.

Choose AM Auto's privacy glass window to redefine your van life journey, emphasizing style, seclusion, and superior clarity. Experience more than just a view—immerse in a protected, unparalleled van living sensation.


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