Koni Fsd Red Rear Shock For Promaster Vans W/ Rear Torsion Bars SOLD AS PAIR ONLY

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About KONI:

KONI revolutionized the suspension industry with the invention of the first adjustable hydraulic shock absorber. Since this, KONI continues to set the benchmark for in suspension technology. KONI innovates, engineers and manufactures market leading performance and adjustable shock absorbers, providing customers with a comfortable, safe and sustainable driving experience in any vehicle, across any terrain. one of the special products in Koni Fsd Red Rear Shock 8805-1059 For Promaster Vans W/ Rear Torsion Bars

Koni is Known for a proud and successful history in motor sports, KONI has and continues to work with leading teams across rally and racing, including winning Grand Prix World Championships, to solve suspension problems and develop new innovative technologies. KONI also has a long history of working with companies to develop Original Equipment (O.E.) applications which transform vehicle driving quality and experiences.

KONI FSD Red Rear Shock 8805-1059 for RAM ProMaster Vans
This product is compatible with all RAM ProMaster Vans that have Rear Torsion Bar systems.
The price shown is for ONE KONI FSD Rear Shock
Compatibility: RAM ProMaster Vans (2014-Present) w/ Rear Torsion Bars
Manufacturer: KONI
Part #: 8805-1059
Placement: Rear Shock

I see that KONI likes to use this FSD thing all the time. I have to admit that I have no idea what that means at all. Could you tell me what they are trying to tell me by saying a product is FSD?
The acronym is short for frequency selective damping.

What does frequency selective damping mean?
There is a bit of dichotomy when it comes to comfort and handling. Many people find comfort levels with the suspension system moving in a high-frequency area of around 10 Hz. The handing, the manufacturer says, tends to improve with the suspension system moving in a low-frequency area of around 1 Hz. Comfort requires low damping forces while handling requires high damping forces. The answer to the problem is to change the damping force in relation to the frequency of movement. FSD shocks are meant to do this for you without you needing to do anything extra once the shock is on your vehicle.

Do you know what this shock is made of?
This shock is made of steel.

So this shock is made to adjust to the road without me doing anything?
Correct. FSD shocks are made to adjust to the terrain you meet and changing the dampening level to give you both comfort and handling at the same time.

How fast does this shock from KONI do that?
According to KONI, this all happens in a fraction of a second.

What else is special about this shock?
KONI says that they added a valve which controls the parallel oil flow that is adjacent to the one going through the piston. The parallel oil flow can be shut off by the FSD feature. The result is a damping force that is linear to the time that the piston is moving. KONI says that means that this is a hydraulic amplifier that is able to push the buildup of pressure even later than ever before in order to help the shock do its job more efficiently.

I have low profile tires. Is this shock going to help the feel of them?
FSD shocks do help the feel and comfort of low profile tires just like yours.

So, I don't need to add sensors or anything else for this shock to work?
No. The system will work on its own as soon as it is installed.