MaxxFan Deluxe 12V Roof Vent with 10-Speed Fan - Smoke Finish

$359.99 - $409.99
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Transform your RV or camper's ventilation system with the MAXXAIR powered roof vent. Engineered to withstand varied weather conditions, this vent is equipped with an integrated rain shield, ensuring no rainwater enters your RV, even when the vent is open. The 12V fan, embedded with a smart thermostat, offers a dual-mode – manual, offering ten different speed settings, and auto, which operates based on the preset temperature, ensuring optimum airflow. A unique feature is its reversible fan, enabling both air intake and exhaust. For added convenience, its ceiling fan mode ensures air circulation even when the vent is shut.

Highlighted Features:

  • Advanced Weather Protection: The built-in rain shield eliminates the necessity for separate vent covers, promising rainwater prevention during all weather conditions.
  • Intelligent Airflow Regulation: With ten adjustable speeds, the vent ensures tailored air circulation, while its thermostat-driven auto mode offers hands-free operation.
  • Convenient Remote Access: Control ventilation at your fingertips using the included remote with an LCD screen. Moreover, a flush-mounted keypad on the vent facilitates manual operation.