Mercedes Sprinter Van Privacy Curtain

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Sprinter Van Privacy Curtain
This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans.
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54,3" length X 70,8" width

What Sprinter Van is this curtain gonna fit?
This privacy curtain will fit all Sprinter Vans.

What is this privacy curtain made out of?
This privacy curtain is made out of a blackout suede material.

Can I use this as a sunshade then?
Sure. If you are parked then you should be able to block the light coming in from the front of the van. The curtain may also block some of the heat from the sun which may help your van stay cooler.

Would this be good to use as a backdrop for my projector?
It is designed to block light which probably means that it would not reflect the light well and may not hold an image well. We have not tested this but this is our best guess.

Is this blackout type of fabric used elsewhere where I would have seen it before?
Yes. You can sometimes find this kind of curtain style in hotels being used as curtains or draperies.

I see that you called this a "blackout" curtain. Does that mean anything?
A minor correction here, the manufacturer calls it a "blackout" curtain. According to what we have found about this designation it means that the curtain is meant to block light, block some noise, and give some insulation from heat. We would not expect miracles from the sound dampening of this product but the designation as a "blackout" means that you are going to get some of the aforementioned properties at some level.

Is this a heavy duty curtain track or am I going to break it sometime by accidentally being too rough with it?
The curtain track is made of aluminum. It should be relatively strong and light at the same time. If you happened to get it wet for some reason then it will resist rusting and corroding.