Mercedes Sprinter Van Sliding Doorstop Kit

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Sprinter Van Doorstop Kit This product is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.
What is the doorstop responsible for?
This door stop can be installed in the roller track of your sprinter van to create a mid-way stopping point to hold the door at a specific location. Tired of opening your sliding door all the way? This is the product for you. The doorstop allows for you to stop your sliding door at any distance you'd like, creating more privacy while keeping gusts of wind out and letting calming breezes in.
How does this doorstop affect the normal door operation? Will I still be able to slide it completely open and closed?
This doorstop will not hinder the normal door operation, you will still be able to open and close your sliding door as you desire.
I'm just really confused as towards when I'd need something like this... could you explain that better?
This is useful if you are parked on an incline, or just want to have the door open but maintain some privacy.
Which vehicles are compatible with this doorstop?
This doorstop is compatible with all Sprinter Vans. This includes both the 2500 and the 3500 versions.
Is this doorstop compatible with the RAM ProMaster? Or the FORD Transit?
Yes, this doorstop is compatible with both the RAM ProMaster as well as the FORD Transit. According to our manufacturer, it should fit all years of these vehicles.
Who is the manufacturer of this product?
Norton Fabrications is the manager of this product.
Do you guys have any installation instructions for this product?
Yes, each kit ships with installation instructions.
What is all included in this kit?
This kit comes with the following:
    • 2 alcohol wipes
    • Wooden stir stick for epoxy
    • A small square of grey Scotchbrite abrasive pad
    • Doorstop
    • JB Weld original 2 part epoxy

JB Weld? What's that?
JB weld is a super glue that we include with this product. Our manufacturers have stated that using the JB Weld will guarantee that this doorstop will last the life of your vehicle.
What color does this doorstop come in?
This doorstop can come in either silver or black.