2006 and Older Sprinter Rubbertite 2 Piece Front Mat – Black, Grey or Tan

Size: 34 x 23 x 12 inches

Weight: 11.3 lbs.

Warranty: 3-year manufacturer warranty

Color: Grey

Number of Pieces: 2

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2006 and Older Sprinter Rubbertite 2 Piece Front Mat – Black, Grey , or Tan

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This is very Durable Rubber Matt with great contours. It is highest of quality. Satisfaction Guarentee on this item. We believe you will like this so much, that you wont want to give it back for your money back, BUT if you do we will give ya your money back.



I think that one of the worst things I’ve encountered is spilling a drink and forgetting that I did that after a long ride and getting that moldy smell from my carpet mat. Will these mats avoid that, at least, better than my current carpet mats?

The mats you are looking at right now are made of rubber which means that they do not soak up liquids at the same rate as carpets. In fact, they should not soak up any liquid which means that you should not get any mold unless you leave it there for a long time. You should be able to spray it out later, however, whereas a carpet would need a full deep cleaning.

What are these made of?

The quick answer is it that it is made of a heavy-weight composition rubber. If you are looking for something that can go the distance and last for a good long while then you should get one of these packages for your vehicle.

If they are made of rubber then wouldn’t that mean that they get slippery when wet?

Actually the mats were designed to be used in all seasons which means that they have taken into account the wet weather. You should not have too much slippage when you use these mats in your vehicle.

Is that way there are little divots or craters in the mat?

Correct. They act as little wells where dirt, mud, snow, liquid, or whatever can pull so that you can easily clean it out later.

Is there some kind of special thing to make sure they stay in place? My mats slide all over the place. I’d like to avoid that altogether.

The manufacturer says that these mats have anchors that should help them stay in place.

I live in a place that gets pretty cold. My carpets get a little stiff in the Winter which I am not a fan of at all. Am I going to have a problem if I order these mats in the Winter too?

The manufacturer says that these mats will function well even in sub-zero temperatures. We have not tried it personally but that is what the manufacturer has told us and that is the information we have to go on in this case.

Any big secrets you could impart to me about these mats?

Some people like to stack mats on their driver side for some reason. It is not recommended at all. If you compromise the anchors made for the mats then they may have the room to slide and interfere with your ability to accelerate or brake. A dangerous situation not only for you but for those who drive around you as well.

I’m not super great about cleaning the interior of my vehicle. If these mats are easy to clean then that would be a major plus for me. What is the cleaning method for these mats?

A lot of people remove these mats and spray them with a hose. Of course, you will have wet mats for a small amount of time but they will dry quicker than your standard carpet based mats.

I’d like to get off grime I have on my shoes with these mats. Is that possible with these?

Yes. You can use the mats to clean off your shoes. In fact, these mats might do it well because they have the little wells on which you can scrape your shoes off.

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Black, Tan, Grey


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Weight 11.3 lbs
Dimensions 47 × 8 × 8 in