Sprinter Center Mat: Premium Walk-Through Floor Protection for Enhanced Durability

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Expand the protective coverage of your van's flooring with our Walk-Thru add-on mats, meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly with our original mat sets. These add-ons aren’t just any ordinary mats; they lock into our initial mats, ensuring a snug fit without any gaps. It’s essential to first get the right base mats; our collection comprises two distinct variants. One is tailored for Cargo vans, and the other is an exclusive fit for Crew/Passenger vans, with the distinction rooted in the floor design specifics.

Key Features of the Walk-Thru Add-on Mats:

  • Precision Interlock: Engineered to lock perfectly with our original mats for an uninterrupted protection layer.
  • Distinct Variants: We offer two separate mat types - one for Cargo vans without the floor heater bump and another for Crew/Passenger vans that come with the bump.
  • Flawless Fit: Each mat variant is designed to hug the van floor contours tightly, ensuring no slips or shifts.