Sprinter Black Inner Fender Liners: Durable Pair for Enhanced Wheel Well Protection

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Upgrade the interiors of your 2500 Sprinter with our meticulously molded rubber liners tailored for the rear wheel wells. Initially, they are designed a bit looser, allowing room for any additional sound deadening you wish to incorporate. With time, expect these liners to settle and snugly fit, thanks to their unique construction that adjusts over a year. The inclusion of a subtle flange at their edge ensures they can seamlessly align with a wall or floor, giving your van a clean, finished appearance. Note: This set is suitable for pairs, ensuring both wheel wells are covered. However, it's not compatible with the dually 3500 Sprinters.

Highlights of the Rubber Liners:

  • Tailored Fit: Specifically molded for the 2500 Sprinter's rear wheel wells for a snug fit.
  • Versatile Flange Design: Ensures compatibility against both walls and floors for a seamless installation.
  • Comprehensive Set: Comes as a pair, ensuring both wheel wells are catered for in one package.