2007-2018 Mercedes Sprinter Rear Axle Air Suspension System | VB-FullAir 2C


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2007 & Newer Mercedes Sprinter Rear Axle Air Suspension System – VB-FullAir 2C

What models does this suspension system work with?

The suspension system will work with Sprinters that are either 2500 or 3500.

What years do you know, for sure, that this product will fit?

It will fit Sprinter vans that are between the years of 2007-2018.

I see you have a listing for type and one of the types is EMS. Are those emergency vehicles?

Yes. They are emergency vehicles. Many emergency vehicles use airbag systems in Europe and that is the reason why they are listed here as an option. We do not always know who or where we are selling a part, therefore, EMS is listed as an option here.

I know that this system has a controller. What can you tell me about it?

The system has a control system. The system is called VB-ASCU. The control unit monitors how your ride is progressing and the controller makes the appropriate changes in order to keep the ride height maintained at the appropriate level.

The air spring system seems like a perfect fit for someone who needs a vehicle to be really predictable as far as the way it drives. Like, if it was driving glasses or something like that. Is that true?

Yes. There are some emergency vehicles in Europe who depend on this style of suspension to give them the stability they need to do precise work such as putting a needle into a vein while riding in their emergency van. Of course, ride comfort and stability can vary from company to company but we can tell you that there are emergency vehicles in Europe using this air spring suspension system.

Just to be totally certain, this is a rear suspension system, right?

Correct. It is a suspension system for the rear of your vehicle. It was not intended for use at the front of your vehicle.

What would the benefits be for me, the driver, to get this system?

You will have an increased ability to handle turns. Your ride will feel much smoother. You will also not have to manually adjust your suspension for comfort or performance which tend to sit on different ends of the spectrum.


Proposition 65 information available here – https://www.sprinterstore.com/proposition-65-california-cancer-warnings/.

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2500, 3500


Standard, 4×4, RV, EMS


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