2500 Sprinter Van (2007-2020) Black Rhino Havasu Wheels




2500 Sprinter Van Black Rhino Havasu Wheels – 2007-2020

These Black Rhino Havasu Wheels are compatible with all 2500 Sprinter Vans made after between 2007-2020

These wheels sell as individuals. THE PRICE YOU SEE IS PER WHEEL.

Compatibility: 2500 Sprinter Vans (2007-2020)

Size: 16″, 17″, and 18″ wheel options available

Color: Matte Black

Offset: 45mm Offset

Fitment: Front or Rear. These wheels work on either the front or the rear of your 2500 Sprinter.

Lug Bolts: Cone type bolts – anything longer than 27mm


Which Sprinter Vans are these wheels compatible with?

These wheels are compatible with the following Sprinter Vans:

  • Second Generation: NCV3 (2007-2018)
  • Third Generation: VS30 (2019-Present)

Please note these wheels are only compatible with the 2500 (2WD & 4×4) versions of the Sprinter Van. 

Who manufactured these Mercedes Sprinter 2500 wheels? 

These are Black Rhino wheels.

What is the load capacity for these Sprinter Van 2500 wheels?

The load capacity is 3,300 lbs per wheel.

The price I’m seeing here… is that per wheel or is that for a full set? 

The price is per wheel. If you need a full set please buy 4 wheels.

What lug bolts are required for these Black Rhino Havasu Wheels?

You will need cone seat lug bolts for these Black Rhino Havasu 2500 Sprinter Van Wheels. We recommend a length of anything larger than 27mm.

Do these 2500 Sprinter Van Wheels install on the front or the rear? 

Both. These 2500 Sprinter wheels install on either the front or the rear, these wheels are interchangeable.

Does the Sprinter Store sell lug bolts? 

Yes we do, we are working on putting these on our website as soon as possible.

What color do these 2500 Sprinter wheels come in?

These 2500 Sprinter wheels come in matte black.

What is the offset of these 2500 Mercedes Sprinter wheels? 

The Havasu wheels have a 45mm offset.

The normal offset for wheels is typically around 52 mm, why are these 2500 Sprinter Van wheels 45mm?

The 45mm offset provides a considerably wider vehicle track, improving both handling and aesthetics.


Additional information

Wheel Size

16", 17", 18"


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Weight 25 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 7 in