Ford Transit Van Automatic Electric Sliding Door System




Ford Transit Van Automatic Electric Sliding Door System

This product is compatible with all Ford Transit Vans. 

Compatibility: Ford Transit vans made after 2015.

Placement: Sliding door

Manufacturer: Alex Original Ltd.

Operation: Remote controlled (Door can still be operated manually) 

Installation: This product is not for the novice installer. When ordering please have a competent installer lined up. Returns will not be made for the inability to install.


  • The innovative concept takes you to a new area of safety, comfort, and security.
  • Makes delivery vans much more time-efficient
  • The door is remote operated, the driver is able to control the door right from their seat.
  • For safety reasons, the door retracts immediately if it encounters an obstacle.
  • Closes automatically if the vehicle starts moving with an open door.
  • It can be operated manually at any time without issue.
  • Ice and snow proof.
  • Conforms to EG and United Nations regulations.
  • View an example of the Electric Sliding Door in the video below!



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2015-2019, 2020+


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Weight 50 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 18 × 12 in

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