Mercedes Benz Metris Passenger Side Sliding Door Window | FW642R



Mercedes Benz Metris Passenger Side Sliding Door Window | FW642R

This product is compatible with all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans. 

NOTE: Please allow 10-14 days for shipping

What is the official part number for this window? I want to make sure that I’m buying the right one for my van.

The official number we have for this product is FW642R.

Do you know what Sprinter models this window fits?

This product is compatible with all Mercedes Benz Metris Vans.

Does this window have frames? 

This window has “all-glass” frames. They may look like there is no frame but we were told that these windows do include frames. They are just expertly hidden to add to the look of the window.

Am I going to have to do a layout? 

No. You will get a window that will be fairly easy to install. You will have to make a cut but you do not have to drill. You can follow the OEM stampings for your cut line.

How easy is it to install this window?

Installation is simple, just line it up to cut, starting on the upper inner dimple and follow along with the OEM stamping.

What is the official tint level of this glass? 

The official number says that the tint is 28%.

What is the official color of the glass? 

The official color of this glass is dark gray glass.

Where do you put this window? I don’t want my installers to be putting this thing on the wrong side.

The location that this window was designed to fit is the passenger’s side sliding door window.

What type of window is this thing again?

It is a t-vent window.

What is the shipping weight of this window?

The official weight of this window is 35 lbs or 15.88 kgs.

I’ve heard that this is a product that should have a primer. Why would I want to put primer on my window?

The primer helps your edge from rusting. It is placed on the edge to give you a layer of protection.

I assume that I’m going to need tools, right? Do you know which ones I will need?

You will likely need a drill in order to start the hole. You will have to, then, continue the cut with a metal bladed jigsaw. The jigsaw can be electric or pneumatic. If you wish, you could use a center-cut shear instead. You will also need a file so that you can get rid of any burs and the primer we talked about earlier. You will need a screwdriver to attach your clamp ring. You have to be extremely careful, however, to make sure that you do not use too much power if you are using a power tool if you choose to try to do this repair DIY.

Who is the manufacturer of this window?

This is a C.R. Laurence window.



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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 46 × 25 × 5 in