Mercedes Sprinter Van Security System Slick Lock Turn Key Kit – Free Shipping






Includes the following parts:

  • Puck Locks(2) Keyed AlikePuck Locks(2) Keyed Alike
  • Blade Bracket(3)Blade Brackets
  • Spinners (2)Spinners
  • Weather Covers(2) Weather Covers

Installation Instructions for Mercedes Sprinter Sliding Door Kit

Step 1- Slide door to the FULL open position- locate the lock striker plate at the rear of the van door jam. Slider bracket mounts at the rear edge of the sliding door.

Step 2- Remove two T-40 star bolts- holding on the striker plate, place slider bracket over the mounting bolts- use grease pencil to mark where bracket lays on outside of van side panel.

Step 3- Apply larger clear tape protector directly on van surface under the round end of the bracket to protect the paint.

Step 4- Hold the bracket in place and reinstall the striker plate on the bracket- tighten star bolts- slowly close the door and check for proper clearances.

Step 5- Close door firmly and apply small clear tape protector on sliding door edge to protect the paint from the lock.

Step 6- Install spinner on the lock and install the lock on the bracket- the sliding door cannot pop out or slide back with lock in place. 

Installation Instructions for Mercedes Sprinter Rear Door Kit


Remove two T40 star bolts holding left rear door striker plate. Remove striker plate and pull weather stripping loose on edge of the door. Using a grinder or hand file, shave off 1 to 1 ½ mm off the head of both T40 star bolts (for clearance between brackets and bolts). Place bracket P/N# SP-1A-REAR LEFT in place and reinstall the striker plate over the bracket. After tightening bolts hold weather stripping against the bracket and mark weather stripping retaining case along sealing gasket. Using sharp side-cutting pliers, cut and discard retaining casing along sealing gasket and bracket. Reinstall weather stripping on the door edge, pull tight so gasket doesn’t pinch between brackets.


Using a T27 star bit socket remove two latch bolts from the right rear door, leave the 3rd screw in place to hold the latch in place. Install right rear bracket using two Allen head bolts supplied with the kit. Only hand-tighten this side.

CAUTION – Slowly close left then right door making sure weather stripping clears left bracket. Once the doors are closed, align lock holes with RD Pin – (dowel pin, drill bit, etc.) When you are satisfied with the alignment, slowly open the right side door and torque down both bolts. Shut the rear door firmly. If the lock is difficult to slide on and off or difficult to close –Realign right side until the desired fit is achieved – brackets can also be modified with a round file or drilling center hole to accommodate various lock brands. Be careful to not damage your vehicles painted finish.



Additional information

Sprinter Van Year

2007-2018, 2019 – Present


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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 6 in

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