Mercedes Sprinter Wall Cabinet 16 x 14 x 32 – 6006


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Mercedes Sprinter Wall Cabinet 16 x 14 x 32 – 6006

Wait, before we talk about anything else, I need to know if this has a back panel. I have a set up where I don’t want one.

Actually, you are in luck because this cabinet does not have a back panel. It should fit your needs perfectly.

Does it have mounting flanges?

Yes. It has mounting flanges according to our supplier.

If it does not have a back panel then does it have a bottom panel?

The cabinet does have a bottom panel. You will not have to provide your own or find a way to hold up the contents of the cabinet through some other means.

How does this cabinet open?

It opens by swinging open horizontally.

What can you tell me about the doors?

The doors are double lined.

What about the latch?

The latches are trigger latches so that you can open your cabinets easily and you close them easily as well.

Wait, what color are the cover panels and doors?

They are the white and powder coated.

Wait, if I am thinking of this right then the locking latch and top panel are not part of this cabinet as a stock version?

Yes. You are correct. They are separate items that have to be purchased separately.

What about the hinge? Is it going to give me trouble?

It should not. It is a piano hinge and should be no different than opening up the lid of a piano to play its keys.

How long will it take you to get this thing together?

It takes about three to five days after your order gets to us. Please keep that in mind when you order these cabinets. However, the quality and the convenience of the cabinet will be well worth the wait.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 14 × 32 in