Sprinter Van 2500 IntelliRide Air Bag Suspension System


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This is a European made product that is installed in the AMBULANCES in Europe so they can drive down the road so smooth they can hit a vein with a needle while driving, yes that smooth!

We are fully experienced with the install and service of all the suspension kits we sell. We are a full-service Sprinterstore.

Make sure and ask whoever you decide to purchase this item from if they have ever actually installed any of these systems?

We have 3 ASE Certified Master Technician that can help you with your install.



this Item is for SPRINTER VAN 2500 only (CLICK HERE FOR Sprinter 3500 System)

Full Air Suspension Kit to suit the Rear Axle.

Requires the removal of the original vehicle leaf springs.

Full IntelliRide ECAS control system with lowering facility.

Available Heights – 3

  • Ride Height (standard)
  • Lowered Height (standard)
  • Upper / Raised Height (optional)

The standard vehicle is easily converted to Full Air Suspension using the Drive-Rite suspension system.

IntelliRide ECAS Control

  • Generic Control Kits – suits all vehicle types and applications
  • Variable ride height – for access, off-road and high-speed driving
  • Load-leveling
  • Near-constant ride frequency – load-independent
  • Variable spring rate with optional driver adjustment
  • Optimized geometry (Drive-line angles)
  • Improved Ride Quality
  • Improved headlamp aim
  • Easy Installation
  • Calibrate through Handheld
  • Windows-based, user-friendly calibration and diagnostic tools available on request

IntelliRide is a fully automatic, Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) System. When fitted the system provides comfort while maintaining a programmed ride height irrespective of the load. Multiple vehicle heights are available at the push of a button. The IntelliRide system has automatic
load-leveling at each height.

The IntelliRide system continuously monitors inputs and component performance as a means of increasing safety and durability. The system recognizes and responds accordingly to potholes, cross-articulation and extended turns. This intelligence prevents unnecessary activity and air consumption. The system even recognizes unachievable heights, assisting in the prevention of possible damage above or below the vehicle.


Compressor AMK
Height Sensors 2
Valve Manifold 3/2×2
Handheld Controller 2C Handheld
Air Reservoir 11.35 Litres (3 Gallons)
No. of Preset Heights Available 3
Manual Control Available Yes
Horizon Levelling N/A
Handheld Calibration Yes
Kit Weight 16 Kg



What is a Sprintek USA Ride Enhancement Kit?

Sprintek USA Ride Enhancement Kits are considered a 4-course meal. The ingredients differ slightly depending on your personal flavor palate, i.e. whether you have a 2500, 3500, 4×4, etc.

The serving portions are equal to all, and we only have only flavor available: ‘REK‘ 

Koni adjustable shocks we set to the proper valving for maximum performance of the kit based on the vehicle. We work directly with Koni to help develop the shock for the Sprinter vans which can be used for luxury on the road living, cargo carriers, mobile tire shops, and more. These are oil-valved shocks and greatly improve the ride on their own. We don’t stop there. Hellwig or Roadmaster sway bars – both companies have been designing large-diameter heavy-duty sway bars for class C and larger motorhomes, also specializing in light-duty vehicles as well. We will need to know if your vehicle has a factory sway bar or not, as well as how many miles you have on the factory suspension components. Sprintek USA Top Performance 7 or 8 leaf kits specifically help the rear of the vehicle sit where it should be. This allows for more weight, and more rigidity maximizing the performance of the oil-valving shocks so there is no unnecessary bounce from having the additional strength from the added springs. We do also have the ‘REK with SASS‘ kits available as well which swaps the 8 or 7 leaf with only spring assist kits for those who are on a budget, or just not interested in getting totally REK’d. The Sprintek USA Air Assist Suspension Kit makes this kit complete. Like the desert to our full, 4-course meal. The Sprintek USA Air Assist Suspension kits bring this kit together by providing that extra cushion in your ride, ultimately providing you with a top-performing Sprinter.


What are you waiting for? REK it with Sprintek USA and you will more than fulfill your Sprinter’s appetite for all suspension needs, & hopes!

We cover all Sprinter years! Having trouble finding yours? Email: [email protected] and we will help you ASAP!


REK it! These Sprinter vans are begging for a bigger bone to chew on, and they will eat through factory suspension components..

Sprintek USA precision-designed suspension hardware, mounts, and other components – are what sets this satisfying dish apart from all the rest out there.

Our Chefs continuously taste their masterpiece every step of the way, blending the flavors, and adding just the right spices – not too much, not too little – and by golly, have they done it this time! Don’t let that fool you, the Chefs are always working on the next best thing, always tasting new flavors and trying new things.. Hungry for what’s next

A true masterpiece – Satisfy your Sprinter’s suspension needs with a Sprintek USA Ride Enhancement Kit





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Weight 300 lbs
Dimensions 48 × 24 × 24 in