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RB Components Universal Removable Table Kit: Essential for Today's Modern Adventurer!

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Introducing RB Components' Versatile Removable Table Kits for the Modern Adventurer!

REMOVABLE 20" ROUND TABLE KIT: Upgrade your camping or van life experience with our compact and stylish 20" round table kit. Tailored for those who crave both function and aesthetics, this kit promises quality and convenience.


  • Eco-friendly Bamboo Plywood Table Top: Measuring 20" in diameter, this robust and visually appealing table top is perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings.
  • Effortless Assembly: Comes with a surface mount table base, ensuring easy setup wherever you are.
  • Durable 29" Removable Leg: Adjust to your desired height with our sturdy removable leg.
  • Seamless Connection: The table top base connector ensures the table remains stable during use.
  • Protective Storage: Safeguard your table with the included upholstered/padded table top storage bag. Plus, a fabric table leg storage bag ensures the leg remains scratch-free.
  • Ideal for On-the-Go: Whether you're on a road trip or camping, this table is the portable solution you've been looking for.

REMOVABLE 36" OBLONG TABLE KIT: Take functionality up a notch with our 36" oblong table kit. Larger and just as durable, this is the ideal choice for those requiring more surface area.


  • Spacious 36" Oblong Design: Cater to bigger gatherings or activities with this expansive table top.
  • Dual Support System: Equipped with two surface mount table bases and two 29" removable legs, this table guarantees stability.
  • Easy Connection: Two table top base connectors make assembly and disassembly a breeze.
  • Ample Storage: The upholstered/padded table top storage bag keeps the surface pristine, while the fabric double table leg storage bag offers room for both legs.
  • Multi-Purpose Use: From group meals to board games, this table has you covered.

RB Components ensures every adventure, gathering, or quiet moment has the perfect surface to complement it. Enhance your experience with our meticulously designed table kits!