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RSC - Mercedes Sprinter OEM Style Half-Slider Window

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Transform Your Mercedes Sprinter with the RSC OEM Style Half-Slider Window

Upgrade your Mercedes Sprinter camper van with the Rock Solid Components (RSC) Mercedes Sprinter OEM Style Half-Slider Window. This premium window solution is specifically engineered for seamless integration with the factory window cutouts of your Mercedes Sprinter, offering a flawless OEM appearance and perfect fit.

Enhanced Design and Functionality:

  • Precision Craftsmanship: The RSC Half-Slider Window features a contemporary single-pane glass design that significantly elevates the look of your van. The glass itself is privacy-enhanced, helping to reduce both heat and glare inside your vehicle.
  • Sleek Aesthetics: Equipped with a matte black interior frame, the window complements any van interior with its modern, stylish design. This feature ensures that the window enhances both the interior and exterior appearance of your van.
  • Functionality and Comfort: The standout feature of this window is its sliding glass panel, which allows for adjustable ventilation. The panel slides smoothly and locks securely, maintaining a sleek and consistent line when closed.

Innovative Features for Enhanced Comfort:

  • Sliding Bug Screen: This innovative feature ensures that you can enjoy fresh air without the inconvenience of insects. The screen slides effortlessly with the glass and fits perfectly to offer complete protection.
  • Flush Exterior Profile: When closed, the slider sits completely flush against the van's body, preserving the smooth lines and aesthetic integrity of your vehicle's exterior.

The RSC Mercedes Sprinter OEM Style Half-Slider Window not only upgrades the functionality of your camper van but also enhances its visual appeal. It's the perfect choice for Sprinter owners who demand the best in quality, design, and performance. Make your van stand out on the road and in the wild with this top-tier window upgrade.


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