Sprinter Front Fender Belt Line Trim

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Protect and accentuate your Sprinter with our factory front fender trim parts, precisely tailored for the 907 Sprinter's belt line. Recognizing the delicacy of the clip mounting blocks, we advocate for a careful installation. Yet, understanding the unpredictability of replacements, we ensure our fender trim is robust enough to withstand minor errors. When referencing 'left' and 'right', it's based on the US version vehicle orientation: the left pertains to the driver's side, while the right denotes the passenger side.

Highlights of the 907 Sprinter Fender Trim:

  • Perfect Fit: Specifically designed for the 907 Sprinter (2019+) belt line.
  • Durability: Mindful of the fragile clip mounting blocks, crafted for resilient installation.
  • Clear Orientation: Left refers to the driver's side in US vehicles, and right to the passenger side.