Steph Curry Calls Kevin Durant

Steph Curry Calls Kevin Durant

Posted by Marketing on Dec 06, 2023

What would it look like if Steph Curry got in a Sprinter van? You do not have to wonder about it because he did it. He even called his Kevin Durant from the Sprinter. It all comes from his YouTube series that you can watch in the link below or the video to the right.

Key Takeaways:

1. Steph Curry enters a Sprinter van with high school kids.
2. He calls Kevin Durant from the vehicle.
3. It all is documented in his "Five Minutes From Home" Youtube Series

Quote: "As the three-time champion rode in a "Sprinter" van with three students from McClymond High School, he busted out his phone." (Shiller, 2018)

You can read complete article about Steph Curry on NBC Bay Area .