​Top 10 Van Camping Events in Summer 2024 You Don’t Want to Miss

​Top 10 Van Camping Events in Summer 2024 You Don’t Want to Miss

Jun 25, 2024

Summer 2024 is set to be an exciting time for van camping enthusiasts. With a wide range of events across the country, there's something for everyone, from scenic locations to engaging activities and community gatherings. In this comprehensive guide, we'll take you through the top 10 van camping events this summer, ensuring you have the perfect itinerary for your adventures.

  1. VanFest USA
    • Location: Leavenworth, Washington
    • Dates: June 7-9, 2024
    • Overview: VanFest USA is a must-attend event for van life enthusiasts. Nestled in the picturesque town of Leavenworth, this festival combines the beauty of the Pacific Northwest with a celebration of van culture. The event features live music, outdoor workshops, and a van showcase where you can explore unique and innovative van builds. Attendees can also enjoy hiking, biking, and kayaking in the surrounding area.
  2. Descend on Bend
    • Location: Bend, Oregon
    • Dates: August 22-25, 2024
    • Overview: Descend on Bend is one of the largest van life gatherings in the United States. Set in the stunning high desert landscape of Bend, Oregon, this event brings together van lifers from all over the country. Highlights include community potlucks, outdoor yoga sessions, live music, and a variety of workshops focused on van conversions, sustainable living, and outdoor skills. It's the perfect opportunity to meet like-minded individuals and share your passion for van life.
  3. VanLife Diaries Gathering
    • Location: Asheville, North Carolina
    • Dates: July 12-14, 2024
    • Overview: The VanLife Diaries Gathering in Asheville offers a unique blend of mountain scenery and vibrant van life culture. This event focuses on community building and storytelling, with panel discussions, campfire stories, and van tours. Attendees can participate in outdoor activities such as hiking and mountain biking, or simply relax and enjoy the serene environment.
  4. Adventure Van Expo
    • Location: Tahoe, California
    • Dates: July 19-21, 2024
    • Overview: The Adventure Van Expo in Tahoe is perfect for those looking to learn more about the latest in van conversion technology and accessories. This expo features a wide range of vendors showcasing their products, from rooftop tents to solar panels. Attendees can also enjoy live demonstrations, product workshops, and the chance to connect with industry experts. The stunning backdrop of Lake Tahoe provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor recreation.
  5. Open Roads Fest 
    • Location: McCall, Idaho
    • Dates: June 28-30, 2024
    • Overview: Open Roads Fest is an outdoor adventure festival designed for the van life community. Set in the beautiful town of McCall, Idaho, the festival offers a mix of educational workshops, adventure activities, and social events. Participants can enjoy kayaking, paddleboarding, and mountain biking, as well as attend sessions on van maintenance, travel photography, and minimalist living.
  6. Van Nationals 
    • Location: Millport, Ohio
    • Dates: August 1-4, 2024
    • Overview: Van Nationals is a classic event in the van camping community, bringing together van enthusiasts for a weekend of fun and camaraderie. This event features a wide range of activities, including van shows, swap meets, and live entertainment. With categories for both vintage and modern vans, it's a great place to see some unique and creative van builds. The event also includes camping, so you can stay right in the heart of the action.
  7. Overland Expo Mountain West
    • Location: Loveland, Colorado
    • Dates: August 23-25, 2024
    • Overview: Overland Expo Mountain West is a premier event for overlanding and adventure travel enthusiasts. While not exclusively for van lifers, this expo offers a wealth of information and resources for those looking to explore off-grid living. The event includes classes on vehicle maintenance, navigation, and survival skills, as well as an extensive exhibitor area showcasing the latest gear and equipment. It's an excellent opportunity to network with fellow adventurers and learn from industry experts.
  8. Tiny Fest California 
    • Location: Del Mar, California
    • Dates: September 7-8, 2024
    • Overview: Tiny Fest California celebrates tiny living in all its forms, including van life. Held at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, this festival features a variety of tiny homes, vans, and other small dwellings on display. Attendees can tour these unique homes, attend workshops on downsizing and sustainable living, and enjoy live music and entertainment. It's a family-friendly event that offers inspiration and practical tips for those interested in the tiny living movement.
  9. Adventure Van Expo
    • Location: Hood River, Oregon
    • Dates: September 20-22, 2024
    • Overview: Adventure Van Expo Hood River is another fantastic opportunity to immerse yourself in the van life community. This event focuses on showcasing the latest in adventure van gear and technology, with vendors offering everything from custom builds to portable power solutions. Attendees can participate in workshops, meet fellow van lifers, and explore the stunning Columbia River Gorge. With its combination of outdoor adventure and van life culture, this expo is a must-visit for any van enthusiast.
  10. VanLife Gathering
  • Location: Sedona, Arizona
  • Dates: October 11-13, 2024
  • Overview: The VanLife Gathering in Sedona offers a perfect blend of spiritual wellness and outdoor adventure. Set against the backdrop of Sedona's red rock formations, this event includes yoga sessions, meditation workshops, and wellness seminars. Attendees can also enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and stargazing. The gathering aims to foster a sense of community and mindfulness among van lifers, making it a unique and enriching experience.

Summer 2024 promises an exciting lineup of van camping events across the United States. From the scenic landscapes of Oregon and Idaho to the vibrant communities of North Carolina and California, there's something for every van life enthusiast. These events offer not only the opportunity to explore new destinations but also the chance to connect with like-minded individuals, learn new skills, and discover the latest in van life technology and accessories.

Whether you're a seasoned van lifer or just starting your journey, attending these top 10 van camping events will provide inspiration, knowledge, and unforgettable memories. So pack your van, hit the road, and immerse yourself in the thriving van life community this summer. The adventure awaits!