Transit Hydraulic Hood Strut Kit

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Transit Hood Strut Kit for 2019+ Models: Effortless Engine Access

Upgrade your 2019 or newer Ford Transit with our Transit Hood Strut Kit, designed to offer smooth, guided-lift assistance for easy access to your vehicle's engine bay. This kit replaces the traditional factory hood prop with advanced hydraulic gas shocks, streamlining your maintenance and inspection routine.

Key Features of the Transit Hood Strut Kit:

  • Convenient Access: Equipped with two hydraulic gas shocks, this kit allows for effortless opening and stable positioning of your vehicle's hood.

  • Quick Installation: The entire setup can be completed in about 10 minutes with an extra pair of hands, making it a fast and efficient upgrade for your Transit.

  • Durable Mounting Brackets: Constructed from ⅛-inch stainless steel, these brackets are designed to offer strength and durability.

  • Precision Engineering: Each component is CNC cut and bent for precise fitment, ensuring seamless integration with your Ford Transit.

  • Eliminates Factory Hood Prop: This kit completely removes the need for the factory hood prop, providing a cleaner and more efficient design.

  • Recommended Installation Tools: Tools needed include a 10mm deep-well socket, 13mm socket and wrench, socket wrench, and a socket wrench extension.

  • Proudly Made in the USA: Manufactured in Huntington Beach, CA, our hood strut kit represents high-quality American craftsmanship.

Elevate the functionality of your Ford Transit with our Hood Strut Kit. Whether you're a professional mechanic or a DIY enthusiast, this kit makes engine access easier and more streamlined, reflecting a perfect blend of practicality and innovation.

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