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Upgrade Your RV or Van with a 25 Gallon Water/Waste Tank

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Elevate your Sprinter van's water system with our specially crafted 25-gallon polyethylene water/waste tank, meticulously engineered for seamless integration onto 170WB Sprinter vans. With dimensions measuring at 23.5" x 23" x 12", this tank offers ample capacity for your water storage needs, catering to both fresh water and grey waste water requirements.

Key Features:

  • Tailored to Fit: Designed with 170WB Sprinter vans in mind, this tank seamlessly mounts within your vehicle's available space, optimizing functionality.
  • Versatile Ports: Equipped with 4 integral 1/2" FPT ports, this tank allows for versatile plumbing configurations and accessories, ensuring adaptability to your specific setup.
  • Multiple Usage Options: Utilize this tank for storing fresh water or efficiently managing grey waste water, providing flexibility to meet your on-the-road demands.
  • Safety Priority: Please note that this tank is not intended for fuel storage, ensuring the utmost safety in your van.
  • Additional Accessories: Enhance your installation with our range of water hoses, fittings, and consider reaching out to our Sales Department for expert guidance on creating a comprehensive Sprinter Van Water System Kit tailored to your needs.

NOTE: The mounting location for this tank on a 170WB non-ext is rear of the drive axle in place of the factory spare tire/wheel. The spare tire/wheel will need to be removed/relocated to use this tank. The mounting location for this tank on a 170WB Ext is between the drive axle and the factory spare tire/wheel.

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