2019+ Sprinter Terrawagen Snorkel Kit: Optimal Air Intake Solution for Off-Road Adventures

TWNS-85-Sprinter Terrawagen Snorkel Kit 2019-2022
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Introducing the 907 Sprinter snorkel kit, meticulously designed for 2019+ Sprinters using authentic Mercedes-Benz CAD data. This ensures an unparalleled fit and seamless function, enhancing your Sprinter's air intake efficiency. While a common misconception exists that snorkels are primarily for navigating deep waters, their primary purpose is, in fact, to elevate the air intake. With this snorkel, you can capture cleaner air from an elevated point, well above the dust-laden lower levels.

Key Benefits of the 907 Snorkel Kit:

  • Superior Design: Crafted using official Mercedes-Benz CAD data for optimal fit and function.
  • Enhanced Air Quality: Elevates air intake, reducing dust and debris entry into the engine.
  • Prefilter Compatibility: For ultimate efficiency, combine with a prefilter (sold separately) to eject dust before it reaches the engine, ensuring a cleaner air filter