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AM Auto OE-Style Sliding Glass for ProMaster Vans - Third Passenger's Half-Slider w/Sliding Door & Screen 159"

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Experience the epitome of privacy and clarity in vehicular windows as the van life culture surges. AM Auto presents its hallmark privacy glass window – not merely a window but a masterpiece blending innovative engineering with elite materials. Crafted with van dwellers in mind, it offers an unrivaled sanctuary on wheels. Its commendable UV filtration mechanism admits a mere 17% of UV rays, assuring undistorted views while protecting you from harmful sunlight. Be it in a vibrant urban locale or serene nature's lap, revel in your sanctuary, confident in your protection from unwanted gazes and sun's detrimental effects.

AM Auto's Sliding Glass Window Highlights:

  • Perfect Integration: Exclusively designed for Ram ProMaster vehicles, it ensures a flawless fit and finish.
  • Health-centric UV Shield: With its 17% UV filtration prowess, embrace a lifestyle shielded from the sun's adverse impacts.
  • Stalwart Durability: Manufactured with industry-leading materials, it stands resilient against diverse climatic challenges.

Elevate your van life experience with AM Auto's unmatched window solution, merging privacy with purity in every glance.


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