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AM Auto PB07-B1ML OE-Style Solid Fixed Glass for ProMaster Vans - Driver/Passenger's Sliding Door & Driver's Forward

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Fits ALL ProMaster sizes, EXCEPT for 118" WheelBase


In the burgeoning era of van life, the pursuit of vehicle windows that offer both privacy and impeccable clarity has intensified. Enter AM Auto with their premier privacy glass window—a fusion of pioneering engineering and elite materials. This isn’t merely a window; it’s a beacon of design excellence centered around granting you unparalleled privacy on the move. With a standout UV filtration system, it restricts a mere 17% of UV rays, ensuring your skin's protection while maintaining a pristine external view. Whether nestled in a city's heart or surrounded by nature's embrace, bask in your sanctuary, knowing you're defended from unsolicited stares and the sun's damaging effects.

Prime Features of AM Auto's Solid Glass Window:

  • Precision Fit: Exclusively crafted for Ram ProMaster models, offering an impeccable integration.
  • Shield Against the Sun: With a 17% UV filtration, it's not just a window but a guardian against harmful solar rays.
  • Robust Construction: Made with premium materials, it stands tall against diverse climatic challenges.


  • Direct Fit: Suitable for both High Roof and Low Roof models.
  • Placement: Available for Passenger Side Sliding Door, Driver Side Sliding Door, and Driver Side Forward. Note: The Driver Side Forward isn't an exact match, being 7mm (0.28") shorter in length.
  • Color & Rating: Elegant Solar Privacy Glass with a UV Rating of 17%.
  • Dimensions: 1404mm x 665mm (55.28" x 26.18").

Elevate your van's aesthetics and functionality with AM Auto's solid glass window—the epitome of privacy, protection, and performance.


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