Bi-pot 39 Portable Toilet 20l Capacity

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Fiamma Bi-Pot 39 Portable Toilet with 20L Capacity


It seems like, by the way the picture looks, that this portable toilet actually flushes! Is that true?
You are correct. The toilet actually does flush and it uses fresh water to do so. You will not be getting odors from the water because it is not reused.

This might be a stupid question, but... We aren't supposed to fill both the upper and lower halves of this item are we?
No, the product was designed to be emptied when the bottom half of the Bi-Pot is full.

This seems like it might be a bear to clean... Please tell me that is not hard to clean...
Fiamma, the manufacturer, says that this unit is very easy to clean. They made it so that the whole thing will disassemble, even the seal so that you can do a very deep cleaning when you are ready to do so.

Wait, you said seal. Can you tell me about that seal? Is it tested? Is it good enough to keep the odors in the toilet? It's not going to spill is it?
The seal is tested. They make sure that it does not leak and that you will not get any unpleasant odors from the portable toilet unit.

I'm somewhat turned off by the thought that I'm going to have to carry this thing around like a box under my nose. Is that true or am I worrying too much?
It is a very valid concern as no one wants to do that either. However, the system includes a handle that makes transporting the waste easy.

I've had problems with other styles of portable toilets because of a drainage pipe. Clogs are the worst, is there a system in this one to get around it or at least an easy way that isn't totally disgusting to use to clear a clog?
The portable toilet actually does not have a drainage pipe. It uses a large waste cap so that clogs, like the one you have mentioned, are avoided.

What sizes does this portable toilet come in? I might need one that is smaller.
The Bi-Pot comes in three capacities. The first is 11L, the second is 13L, and the last is 20L which is the one you are currently viewing.

I've heard that all the Bi-Pot portable toilets are the same size as far as dimensions. Is that true, and if so, what are the dimensions of the all the toilets?
You are correct. All the Bi-Pot portable toilets from Fiamma are 17x14x13.

How are you gonna send me this thing if I order?
A lot of we are going to do depends on what you do. If you ask us to ship your Bi-Pot portable toilet to a business address then you will receive a USPS priority mail, FedEx ground, or OnTrac shipment. If you ask us to ship your product to a home address then you will receive a USPS priority package, a FedEx home delivery shipment, or an Ontrac shipment.