Covercraft Seatsaver Charcoal

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2010-2015 Covercraft SeatSaver - Charcoal  


How easy is it to remove these from my seat? I am not great at sewing or knitting. I don't even really know the difference. Do I have to in order to use these?
No. You do not need to sew at all. All you have to do is slip them over your seat. They include a mix of elastic ends and velcro. You can easily remove them or put them on if you have to do so.

Are there other colors other than this charcoal color?
Yes. There are, officially, five other colors.

What are the five other colors?
The other colors are grey, misty grey, tan, taupe, and wet sand.

I've had other seat covers and they faded in the sunlight over time. Am I going to have this problem with this thing?
The manufacturer designed this seat cover to resist UV rays. The seat covers should be able to resist fading better than other covers.

Is it hard to wash?
The manufacturer has said that this is not difficult to wash.

I've seen that this protector allows the seat to "breathe". Is it still strong despite this? I imagine it might be a bit airy.
Yes. The fabric is a strong fabric that should withstand a lot of damage or abuse.

It should be pretty good at keeping dirt, mud, and other things off my seats then?
Yes. You are correct. It should be able to protect your seat from absorbing dirt and other types of grime. It is a tougher fiber which means it is still possible but it is unlikely.

What years does this seat cover fit again?
The seat actually fits 2010 through 2015 vehicles.

How many pieces are in the box?
The box holds six pieces inside of it. Two headrests, two seat back covers with a storage pocket, and two seat bottoms. 

I've seen and heard of the "True Timber Camo" patterns. What are those made of anyway?
They are made of pigment dyed polycotton twill.

About this breathable fabric... What does this do anyway?
The breathable fabric takes away from the possible "sticky" feeling that you get from other covers made from different materials. If you do not like getting up and feeling like the upholstery is going to grab on to you then this the seat cover you want.

Are these things waterproof?
They are water repellent but not proof. They will be able to block most of the moisture that could penetrate into your seat but not if the water or liquid is allowed to sit on the seat for a long period of time.

My kids like to dump things on the floor. I'd rather they not do that at all. Is there some kind of feature these things have that could possibly help me not have to deal with that problem?
The seat covers do include pockets in the back of the product. They may put whatever they were going to put on the ground in the pocket instead.