Ford Transit Vantread Cargo Mat

$221.00 - $301.00
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VanTred offers a custom foam backing that provides a rugged work surface. Vantread acts as a heat and noise insulator as well as impact and cargo protector. The tough foam material used in the Vantread liner keepos cargo from sliding around and stands up against stains, harsh chemicals, mold, and mildew from liquids.
Vantread Creates a seamless look in your cargo area, the die cut allows Vantread to fit your make and model flawlessly. Vantread can be brought back to like new condition using a pressure washer, vacuum or hose.

If the back of your van sounds like a warzone, chances are it's on its way to looking like one. Save your van while keeping cargo secure when you install the BedRug VanTred Cargo Liner.
The VanTred is made with pride in the USA to fit your specific year, make and model thanks to its custom-cut design. Boasting a durable, anti-skid surface, the van liner is made of a rubber-like material to withstand gas, oil, bleach, battery acid and more. Best of all, your cargo van liner is 100% waterproof, so it's easy to clean with the hose—get it dirty, wash it off, let it dry, lay it back in, and you're good to go.
The van cargo liner features a ribbed foam backing that fits the contours of your van's floor—ensuring smooth looks and added cushion. Plus, the foam makes your VanTred a noise and heat insulator. What's more, the BedRug VanTred Cargo Liner carries a Lifetime Warranty.

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