Multi-Language Diesel Only Sticker for MB: Clear Fuel Guidance in 7 Languages

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Venturing abroad or cruising the local streets in your upgraded 4x4 Sprinter? Ensure everyone knows the fuel your vehicle requires with our multilingual "Diesel Only" sticker. Designed for global travels or hometown journeys, this sticker acts as a clear and universal reminder, making refueling errors a thing of the past. For the best visibility, we recommend placing it prominently on the Sprinter's fuel door.

Key Features:

  • Universal Communication: With seven languages, convey the "Diesel Only" message to a diverse audience, no matter where you are.
  • Optimal Sizing: At 3"x4", it's perfectly sized to be noticeable without being overwhelming.
  • Strategic Placement: Best positioned on the Sprinter's fuel door for maximum visibility.

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