Sprinter V6 Diesel/4x4 DipStick: Precision Tool for Optimal Engine Maintenance

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For Sprinter enthusiasts who prefer a hands-on approach to vehicle maintenance, we present an essential tool for your 2019+ Sprinter: the authentic Mercedes-Benz dipstick for the V6 diesel engine. While the modern Sprinter's on-board electronics can check the oil, many believe in the traditional method, especially if you're one to change the oil more frequently than the recommended 20K mile intervals. Thankfully, your Sprinter is already equipped with a dipstick tube. All you need is our precision-engineered dipstick to ensure accurate oil measurements.

Key Features of the V6 Diesel Engine Dipstick:

  • Perfect Compatibility: Designed exclusively for 907 Sprinters from 2019+ with a V6 Diesel Engine.
  • Easy Installation: Simply remove the factory plug and insert the dipstick for an immediate read.
  • Authentic Design: Genuine Mercedes-Benz make ensures longevity and accuracy. Note: This dipstick isn't compatible with 2023 4 cylinder engines, which lack dipstick tubes

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